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Naturopathy with Ruby

Naturopathy is a holistic, evidence based and patient centred approach to health and wellness that aims to identify and treat the root cause of ill health and presenting symptoms.

Treatment is based on the Naturopathic Principles:

The body's inherent ability to heal itself

The healing power of nature

Education between practitioner and client

A combination of herbal, nutritional and lifestyle interventions may be used to help guide the body's natural ability to heal, allowing you to reach optimal wellness for you. 

Each patient is unique and the naturopathic treatments for each patient are tailored by assessing the individual factors that cause ill health. 

Patient centred approach to health is a vital part of the healing process. 

I am passionate about helping you on your journey to optimal health I look forward to collaborating with you to achieve your health goals!

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Contact Ruby, The Nourishing Naturopath

Send me an email if you have any enquires. 

Open hours
8:30am- 3:30pm Tuesday and Wednesday.
After hours consultations available at request. 
Upstairs, Cocos Hair and Day Spa
10/11 Mount Barker Road, Stirling, SA, 5152
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